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EOSPark Contract Semantics

Making Your Contract Calls Readable

Contract Semantics Introduction

After the EOS MainNet launched, we are so excited to see many developers joined our EOS community.

At the same time, we also noticed that it's hard to understand what is happening on Chain due to the complexity of Contracts, which also limited the growth of EOS ecosystem.

Thus, we developed the Contract Semantics Platform.

What is Contract Semantics

It convert the contract call's data into Natural Language that normal users could understand, thus letting users understand the actual meaning of the contract call.

What are the benefits of joining Contract Semantics Platform

For contract developers, semantics contract calls can be displayed on EOSPark, thus letting users understand the actual meaning of the contract action, expand users group.

For EOS ecology, it will lower the threshold for normal users to join in, and finally let EOS ecology growing prosperity

How to join Contract Semantics Platform

It cost nothing to join Contract Semantics Platform. Submitting a template is all it need for contract developer to display semantic contract on EOSPark.

Contract Semantics is now under beta test. Please contact us through contact information at the bottom to join Contract Semantics.


Raw Data
Contract Semantics
eosio::Create Account
eosio::Buy RAM
eosio::Stake Resource
eosio::Update Auth
eosio::Link Auth

How to Apply

You can join us through any of these contacts below.

Cost nothing and making your contract invocation readable, now.